Friday, April 1, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up - April 1st

Math: Olivia got quite frustrated with needing to learn to hold a ruler and use it correctly for drawing shapes. "It keeps moving!!"

English: Olivia completed her Phonics book. Now we will again start 1+1+1=1's You Can Read! program.

Science: This week we started our big Human Body/Biology unit. In order to give Brianna a sneak peek at the high school level courses, her side of it will be quite intensive. This week we covered the Immune System, Skin, the Endocrine System and started on Cells.

History/Geography: Closer and closer to the end of Mystery Class! Only 2 weeks left and Brianna gets to turn in her guesses.

French: Brianna has completed the first half of Year 1 in Rosetta Stone French.

Phys Ed.: Brianna ran twice this week.

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  1. The mystery geography/history class sounds intriguing!

  2. I like that Mystery class too! Can you share where you got it? Visiting from Weekly Wrapup!

  3. You can find Mystery Class here - It starts each January and you have to find 10 locations around the world while learning about latitude/longitude, time zones and lots of other stuff via the clues given