Friday, April 15, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up - April 15th

Joshua has started asking for food occasionally with the word "eat"! It is long-sounded out as he learned in speech but it's something!!

Math: Brianna's on her break week (a couple days of Khan Academy though) while I do marking of her series of test to see where she needs the extra help. Thus far, some things have been obvious (areas I knew she needed help), others have been surprising (areas I thought she knew or swore she would need help with, it was the opposite.

Olivia worked on measuring in inches and centimeters and 3D shapes. She had fun finding 3D shapes around the house.

English: See History.

Science: We finally got to make our cell model! The girls were super impressed that playing with candy was schoolwork! After that we worked on learning about the skeleton. Olivia was amazed that we have over 200 bones in our body.


History/Geography: Brianna is a wee behind on her Mystery Class so she can finish up on her Holocaust study. She is now done with her videos and is working on her essay. She has a bunch of notes and library books to back her up.

French: Olivia has been attempting to create sentences with the words she has picked up from Brianna.

Phys Ed.: Brianna biked once this week, and went for a long (2 miles) walk with Olivia.

By the end of the week yet ANOTHER bug hit my house and kids were dropping like flies. I am SO over all the colds this year!

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