Friday, August 8, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

We started something new. One of Brianna's oft excuses are "I didn't know where my work was." So I bought her a planner to write all her assignments in and a file folder system to keep all her work in. She likes this idea for the moment. I figured we'd start while we're still in the slower summer schedule as to ease into it.

It's permanent location will not be over the coat rack lol
Brianna learned to mow the lawn.

Our garden is doing fantastic.

Olivia planned and explained an intricate "secret plan"

The girls and I watched Magic School Bus's Get's a Bright Idea and read MSB's Makes a Rainbow and did some light travelling experiments with a worksheet I found. Going along with the topic of light, Brianna did a little research on Thomas Edison.

Brianna got all of her predictions correct

Olivia was fascinated with how the light bounced with the mirror
Brianna finished up Chapter 2 in math. Chapter 3 is decimals so she should fly through it!

The girls had a movie day and scavenger hunt with their Park Leaders program. Olivia's first all day program away from home!

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