Friday, August 1, 2014

Week Wrap Up

Ok, so it's been a little quiet around here. Things are picking up with my home business, like really crazy at the moment! We're also trying to enjoy summer as much as we can. So far we've only knocked mini-putt off our summer's bucket list but bowling and a full picnic are probabilities for this weekend!

This week at Park Leaders the girls had to make presentations of something they liked. Olivia, in her 5 year old glory, picked Goldfish. As in the cracker. Well, at least she was kind enough to want to bring a bag of Goldfish to share with the whole group!

No surprisingly, Brianna chose Hannah Montana. (for the record, it's the show she admires, not Miley). Seen here showing off her pink and blue hair.

Olivia's been working with her hands a lot lately. Isaac got her some moon sand for her birthday, she got playdoh from another friend (*shudder*) and clay from Brianna. Most often her creations turn into a big ball of mixed color, but lately, she's been actually working to create things. Sure, it's just stuff like snowmen, but hey, she's 5!

Brianna continues to plod her way through her Gr. 6 math. At her current speed, provided she continues with the *much better* work ethic she's had lately, she should be almost half way through by summer's end. Which is good, since by age she'd be starting Gr. 7 in Sept, but on the other hand bad cause that means I'm running out of time to find a curriculum for Gr. 7 math. I DO have the Golden Series for Gr. 7 (pre-algebra) from Math Mammoth, but I'm not sure it will provide a complete curriculum for the year.

Brianna has expressed interest in poetry. It seems perfect as we'll be using Brave Writer for her English after our summer story is done and they encourage Poetry Teatime. Brianna hates tea, but we'll pretend with iced tea! 

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  1. Awesome presentations! I am using Math Mammoth too and was considering Singapore after 6th grade... It will be neat to see what you come up with :) Have a great week!