Monday, April 1, 2013

Month In Review (March)

Life has very much gotten in the way lately. My niece, Tanya, is currently staying with us and that just adds an extra kid's worth of busy-ness! Here's what we did in the month of March:

Tanya made a cake for my sister, her mom, for her birthday. She tried a new technique, marbling, for the icing.

 This was the girls 2nd year taking part in the World Education Days. They love it!

Cutting practice. Olivia constantly holds her scissors like this even after being showed how to do it correctly... any ideas to help her?

Her first time doing a pattern page! She got all of the right on the first try, the smart cookie!

My mom is in Culinary School and Olivia loves to help Grandma with her homework!

Tanya got promoted in Air Cadets!

 The age old science experiment of burning stuff with a magnifying glass was a huge hit!

Dot flowers

Tanya and Brianna are taking a bookmaking class this spring.

Olivia's attempts at writing 10. Pretty good I say!

Pre-writing practice. She goes from right to left often, but the lines are getting straighter

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