Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hiatus Ending Soon!

Ok, so the last month has been nuts and I've been neglecting blog-land. I haven't even been reading my blogroll! I totally miss talking to myself everyday lol

Few things... As I posted before, Brianna was training for a triathlon. Then my niece Tanya joined her. So I was working with both girls. Then Tanya joined our homeschool on a part time (possibly full time later) basis. She's 2 yrs older than Brianna so there's a whole whack of new research. First of all finding her actual grade level (which not surprisingly was lower than PS has her in grrrr), but then finding the work she needs to catch up.

Well, the triathlon is done (the girls did awesome!) and we've settled into having an extra homeschooler (though I have totally slacked off with Olivia's tot school stuff). The girls have a 5K on Labour Day, but then training will be over til spring (well their hard core stuff). Labour Day also starts Brianna back up on her full time schedule rather than the lighter summer ones. I'll also be actually doing tot school with Olivia everyday.

Hopefully settlement will mean I can get back to blogging! I miss Wilderness Wednesdays and reading everyone's blogs.

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