Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Planning Done!

I'm all planned up for the next 2 mths. Here's a sampling over what we're covering. (All in your everyday workbooks or stuff I made up)

Math - Adding and Subtracting to 4 digits (Brianna has some issues with borrowing and carrying so I can see going quite in depth here)
Science - Animals and Winter, and the Solar System. Towards the end of my current planning we'll be covering some more "boring" topics like gravity, magnetism, levers/pulleys ect... And of course, we'll still be tracking the daily weather and graphing it for math for each month.
English - We're going to do a lot of back-to-basics stuff for the next while, nouns, verbs, adjectives, basic grammar and so forth. I'm also adding in some reading comprehension exercises since that seems to be an issue as well. We'll be starting at the Grade 2 level for that before moving to 3.
Music - a new addition to our schedule! She got a recorder for Christmas and right now is content to just blow the same note over and over (much to mine and Lee's poor ears' concern). So we're gonna start doing some basic notes and songs like Hot Crossed Buns. I'm so used to the flute now though that I hope I can remember back to my recorder days lol
History - While I'll be coming back to it in the fall briefly, we're going to spend January doing a unit on Aboriginals. Like way back. Like before white man started crowding Canada. She loves the pioneer stuff from the Little House series so I'm hoping going further back in time will spike the same interest. In February we'll be doing some family history stuff.
Spelling - On top of our weekly spelling sheets/tests I'm also adding in a small workbook I got that's spelling with the Disney Princesses. For me it'll be a time waster, for Brianna though, it'll be something exciting cause it's not a typical workbook.
French - we're continuing the French workbook I bought and the duotang her old French teacher gave us. I want to also find some printable vocabulary sheets for her for translation, but am wanting to get my real computer running again for that.
Health - We're gonna work on nutrition here. Reading nutritional labels, making wise food choices, ect....

I hope for a good next 2 mths. I'd like to see her core subject grades upped, but also remind myself that we also need more non-core stuff in the regular work.


  1. this sounds really great, you look pretty together considering you said you just got started! How are you doing the weather charting? We are going to basically do a unit on botany for the spring while planning for and planting our yearly garden. Weather tracking would be a great addition to that!

  2. I made up a little chart to track the temp and the "sky" in the morning, noon and afternoon. At the end of each month we make a line graph to follow the highs and lows of the weather and a bar graph to see how many days were cloudy, sunny, ect....

  3. wow you are like super organised, but loosely at the same time.

    Environment Canada gives away these GIANT weather tracking charts....we have one and got it laminated at Staples - works awesome.

    and Youtube has wicked videos of anything you need (recorder lessons, math tutorials, science videos)

    Google Earth has a space component to it can go look at planets or stars...Bill Nye has wicked space stuff too.