Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Hectic Week/Planning

The last week before Christmas.... gotta get last minute shopping and wrapping done, get baking done, and try to squeeze some school in. Thankfully, I'm not a masochist and planned a VERY light week school wise for this week.

Brianna's been working on (but I don't think will finish in time) her cross stitch project for Grandma. Of course, like I told her, Grandma's birthday is next month and it's not Christmas themed so she can always give it then if she's not done.

I also realized today that after next week, I have NOTHING planned curriculum wise in my planner. Well, other than some usual stuff (like graphing the weather, spelling, ect...) So I've gotta get my butt in gear on that one. So far, I have her doing some probability work after her graphing unit is done, a unit on aboriginals (like from waaaaay back when), some basic English (nouns, verbs, ect....), a science unit on hibernation, and that's about it. That takes me to about the 3rd week of Jan, and not even fully.

I've got to find some more French vocabulary (which I have a GREAT bookmark for.... on my dead computer). I've got to find more subject matter on the aboriginals unit other than just what's in her curriculum book. I've got to get something more than a week and a half's worth of math put together. And so on, and so on.... *sigh*

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