Tuesday, October 26, 2010

An Organized Day

Very productive day! I got Brianna's desk moved out of Isaac's dark-ish room to the nice and well lit old toy room. It now sits in front of a large southern facing window (with a black out blind so it can lowered to shade her eyes but still light up her work). Also found that the old hamster/mouse shelf is a great bookshelf for her larger books and text-style books. They didn't fit on her regular bookshelf (which doesn't have adjustable shelves) so I was lost where to put them.

Next, move to Isaac's room. Oh boy! On the stripping of the possessions day (extreme, repeated bad behaviour made her lose everything but her bed and clothes), I just kinda tossed everything in there. WOW! But now, it's an organized mess. All I have left to go through is her assorted toys (ya know, the random ones that don't come in a set or anything). I also have to figure out what we're gonna do with her hidey chair and the 2nd slingback chair. They're just kinda stuffed in there right now.

Now I really wanna re-paint. The walls in the old toy room and Isaac's room are horrible due to Brianna's drawing on them. They just look gross now. I have the paint for Isaac's room but just can't seem to find the time to do it. Maybe I'll get Lee to occupy the kids on the weekend and get started. I just wish I had paint for the old toy room instead of Isaac's room (I use colored paint) since Isaac's room is shut up right now and the toy room is out in the open (essentially an oversized hallway between the bedrooms). Wonder how much of what colors I have in the basement......

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