Friday, October 15, 2010


OMG My computer/printer are pissing me off!!!!

I've got some virus or something causing pop ups all over the place. It's slow as crap. My printer hates me and freezes anytime I want it to print something with more than 2 pages. And since my printer prints backwards I keep getting the end of printing projects and not the beginning of them. I have several sites I want to print worksheets from and I can't!

And with this virus or whatever I'm having a heck of a time getting to certain pages. For example, I wanted to make a new blog post with some of my favorite free HSing links and every time I tried to get to blogger it would "re-direct" me to a page that's never found. So instead I'm blogging about this hunk of junk. I sooooo need a new computer. Unfortunately that means $$$

And to top it off, the baby is molar teething hard core, so I'm sleeping like crap and it's not making my mood towards my computer any friendlier!

Rant over. 

On a positive note, tomorrow (or today, depending on if you insist on pointing out that it's after midnight) is homeschool soccer. Hopefully we'll be able to play! I know nothing about indoor soccer domes, but I'm assuming that it wouldn't take 2 weeks to fix it after the collapse.

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