Thursday, June 9, 2016

Selfish Sewing

I've posted before about my business, LoveBugs Accessories. I make a bunch of accessory type items... soother clips, teething rings, crayon rolls, hair stuff, ect... I love creating stuff!

But I also love creating stuff for my family. LoveBugs started because I wanted to make Brianna hair stuff (or "pretties" as we call them). I've made nightgowns and pj pants several times but I've always had a hard time reading patterns and old school patterns require cutting up sizes and rendering the other sizes useless.

(I am in no way compensated for the comments below, just my honest opinion!)

Thanks to Stitch Upon a TimeA Sparkly Baby, and Patterns for Pirates (and their respective facebook groups), I've been able to start making other cool things. WITH patterns! PDF patterns are awesome and the ladies behind those shops make them easy to read and understand with lots of pictures. The latest version of Adobe Reader allows you to remove layers of patterns and only print the sizes you need (while not destroying the other sizes!).

So now, I am testing out making all sorts of different clothing items for the family! Buying fabric is so much fun when there is such a great selection online! No more being stuck with just the one in-town fabric store! I have many more patterns to try, but these are my faves so far....

Olivia's Easter dress

Matching monster shorts and tanks for Joshua and Olivia

The first real pattern dress I've made for myself

Undies for everyone!


Olivia's panda outfit

Brianna's running clothes

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