Sunday, September 14, 2014

My Last Baby

Ok, so I'm way late on this post.....

On June 23rd, my last little baby turned one year old! Of course, like my other kids, he's still just a baby to me. But in reality, I will never have a little bitty baby again *sniffle*

So now, I bomb you with baby pictures :D
Last baby bump pic

Seconds old

First mommy, daddy, baby pic
Already he's annoyed with mommy always having the camera in his face lol
Baby's first tan ;)
Happy Canada day!

First cloth bum!

Sibling snuggles

Cool Dude
It's amazing how much they grow in only 2 mths!

More sibling snuggles

I loooove this one. He did NOT want me to work!

This is the sweater that was made for me as a baby. Now all 4 of my children have worn it

First custom diaper. Go Sens Go!

4 mths old
Joshua's Sunshine Boy pic

All my babies

5 mths old

So cranky, he needed 3 soothers
He stuffed himself in my elbow, I figured he fell asleep. Nope, wide awake, staring at the floor
Ho Ho Ho!

Joshua's so impressed to be mauled by Olivia

First food. Totally suspicious of carrots

7 mths old and deciding that being a little baby is boring

Go Team Canada

8 mths old

Fierce destruction of a peanut butter sandwich

Sippy cups make great pillows

Joshua has some road rage issues
Mr. Drama King is 10 mths old
Walking everywhere like a pro at 10 mths
First experience with Jello

Dirt is da bomb!

What happens when you have older sisters

Happy Birthday!!!

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