Thursday, April 10, 2014

I Need My Blog Back

I've been "gone" almost a year. A lot has happened in that time. But I need to be back here. While I love having people follow my blog and leave me comments, really, I write this for me. I'm a sentimental person who loves looking back and reading what I've/we've done and seeing pictures.

I've been putting off this blog. "I'm much too busy." Bullshit. If I have time to virtually wander around facebook for at least an hour a day, I have plenty of time to post here.

A lot of uncertainty has been going on in my homeschooling world. My kids still won't be going to public school, but my niece will be. Over the last year she has left and restarted homeschooling with us 3 times. As of June, she is done with us and will re-start public school in September. The option is always open for her to come back, but this random flip-flopping has put a damper in my enthusiasm about school projects. Come July, we'll learn a new normal.

Joshua's birth last June brought about a big upheaval. Prior to that we hadn't had more than a week break since starting homeschooling in November of 2010. Brianna doesn't take long breaks well. Understandably though, I didn't really care about school after just giving birth. We took 6 weeks off. We may as well have taken 6 years off. Brianna and Tanya seemed to have forgotten everything they learned in the previous year. I was obviously distracted. Thank crap it was summer and we were normally on a very light schedule.

Olivia "should have" started Junior Kindergarten last September (in Ontario, we have 2 Kindergartens, for 4 yr olds and the usual one, for 5 yr olds). A few years ago I had thought about sending her to public school just for Kindergarten, then pulling her out for Gr. 1. When she proved to be almost "done" the 2nd year of Kindergarten (by school standards) before she was due to start her 1st year, I knew she would be bored and end up labelled a "trouble-maker" or something.

I have picked back up my business, LoveBugs Accessories. More than a couple people have insinuated that I'm possibly insane for homeschooling 3 kids, having a baby and running a home business that can require hours of "creating" (for those who don't know, I sew a variety of items, make hairbows and tutus, make crochet hats and the like). While it can be stressful at times (we're trying to "catch up" Tanya as much as possible before PS and it's craft show season), I truly do love it.

So I'm back. I may post several times a week or only a few times a month, but this is important to me and I WILL be posting.

Obligatory cute current-ish pic of my 4 hooligans

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