Friday, November 2, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

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This week started with Brianna and I re-organizing our Emergency Kits. I'm glad we did it because with moving last year we forgot to do it and there was a lot of stuff that needed replacing. We also spent a lot of time tracking Hurricane Sandy. Thankfully we're too far inland to get any horrible weather from it, but we did have some wicked wind and Brianna was amazed to know that this wind was from the hurricane.

Brianna is showing some real natural talent in the flute. She is picking up notes and songs easily. She also appears to be playing by ear quite often, and doesn't even realize it. She's also speeding through the music book. I put together a loose weekly plan to make sure I cover all the important points and she's already 2-3 weeks ahead of me!

She also completed her first reading log and is super excited to got buy and new book and start a new list!

This weekend we're doing a field trip to downtown Ottawa to see Parliament and some other monuments around the area. Brianna was especially happy to hear that we'll see a Terry Fox Memorial! Pics to come!

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