Friday, August 17, 2012

School Room

Joining up with the iHomeschool Network Not Back to School Blog Hop!

Not Back to School Blog Hop

This week is all about our school rooms. I don't have a set *room* for schooling, but here's some pics of our school "zones"

The kitchen table. Where school usual starts each day. The squares on the left side of the wall are the girls' work for the week. The remnants of our Olympics work is still out.
Olivia has her own little desk, but generally likes to sit at "her table" in the kitchen
2nd smaller kitchen table which is "Olivia's" table. It also has a stack of marking I need to do and books that we'll be using in the coming weeks that I have out to plan.
An older picture, but the girls work outside in nice weather too

Our main bookshelf (I reeeeeeally need a better one!) and the treadmill the girls train on in crappy/hot weather off to the left

Top of the school closet - games, manipulatives, this year's workbooks 
Bottom of the school closet - the photocopier, Brianna's laptop, Olivia's files of letters of the week and our towers of general school supplies, art supplies, white/chalk board easel
Boxes and bins of extra school stuff. I could probably have 16 more kids to homeschool and not have to buy anything outside of paper and ink, yet I keep buying more lol

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