Monday, September 20, 2010

Lots Done Today!

Lots done on the homeschooling prep front! 

Decided last night that if I can get French in place, I'm going to pull her after the first reporting period is done, rather than waiting for Christmas, in which she'd be in the middle of another reporting period. The first (and her last) report card will also help with our curriculum.

While at the library to get some new books, Brianna and I discovered a Free Youth Yoga program! Brianna says she's always wanted to do yoga, and free makes me very happy! So now, every second Saturday until Christmas, Brianna gets to spend an hour learning yoga. Phys. Ed., socialization and culture all in one!

Also called the French tutor I found on Kijiji today. Sounds really nice! She's a certified teacher, she normally does older grades but actually had 2 Gr. 3 students last year. I explained how we were looking into homeschool and how I don't speak French at all. She says no problem! She provides the work and even homework. $25 an hour doesn't sound too bad either. She did confirm that Caf+ does only adult French lessons, but I'm still gonna see if they have other resources I can use.

Called about signing Brianna up for curling. Looks like every Sun from 9-11am. Costs around $40 for the whole season and they provide all the equipment, so super cheap for a sport! I told Brianna about finishing out the season even if she doesn't want to do it again and she says no problem, it's good exercise! lol

Got 2 new books on homeschooling at the library. I'm getting some great ideas out of them! There's a couple others I'd like to see if the library can order, but still have about a dozen in stock books to go through. Was drooling over the educational section in the kids level again.
We also picked up Little House on the Prairie today. After Olivia goes to bed we're gonna read the series. Brianna seems pretty interested. The beginning of the 1st book is pretty boring cause it's about their travel across the country, but it gets better pretty quickly thankfully.

Wrote up our curriculum for the rest of her "school-year". Pretty easy since it's 1 thing a day while she's in school. Trying to plan a slow first week of actual homeschooling. The first day is gonna be mostly discussion and introducing the idea of Brianna keeping a blog.

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